Home is not a place. Home is a person. I’m going home soon. I’m going home to my little brother in Cebu soon. “And these places and these faces are getting old so I’m going home” sings Daughtry. Yeah, they sure are. But home, no, home never gets old. I don’t want to go back to Zamboanga even if I’m going to have to I don’t intend to stay. Zamboanga never felt like home. Like I said, home is not a place, it’s a person. Besides, it let me go but it doesn’t realize I’ve let it go a long time ago.

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What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like?

Why does this make me laugh so hard

because it’s accurate

Not enough spinning

not enough running

reblog so hard

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Siblings wont be kept apart. [vid]

how strong is that toddler, like wow

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“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”― Meister Eckhart

Today a friend of mine confessed that my ex confessed to her. Honestly, I felt nothing at first. It was like I saw it coming. Then as she told me more about it, I was starting to feel happy for her. I really wanted my ex to move on with someone who was beautiful, brilliantly insane and insanely brilliant. Thank God he finally picked my friend. I really didn’t want to see him with someone else of a different standard because that would totally hurt my ego (this actually says something. Even if I tell myself that I am ugly, I do acknowledge, though unconsciously, that I am good looking enough and I am knowledgeable enough). So anyway, my friend’s confession made me realize that it is really time for me to look forward to the future. It was unexpected, just as how she experienced when my ex confessed to her, but as they say life is full of unexpected surprises. 

I’m not going to force myself into a new relationship when it presents itself to me just like how I did with my ex. I did regret answering him just because my former flame before him had moved on. I want to turn a new leaf with this. When the right one comes along and finds me, I’ll know and I’ll be ready. For now, the love story of the moment is with her. I hope she finds happiness with him and I hope he makes sure to keep her and keep her well. 

I know my own Mr. Right is somewhere there. I know he’ll find me. I’ll just be patient and wait for him. 




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When a GIF doesn’t move:


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