La Muerte


there it is, the livestream just ended ! but you can still watch the replay on my channel

Thank you for coming ! Now we have to see how is this movie ! ( The book of life ) I don’t know when I will see it but I love the designs !


Si Adelita se fuera con otro 
la seguiria por tierra y por mar 
Si por mar en un buque de guerra 
Si por tierra en un tren militar. 


La Muerte by Spikie

Go see the book of life!!!! go now!!!!
La Muerte was my favorite character design, but the whole movie is gorgeous!!!

- Spikie


stop what you are doing and look at this sketch of my singing skeleton husband

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So I found this

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modern poetry


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I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have the same mindset as society when it came to image and good looks. Society looks highly upon those individuals who set the bar high for physical appearances. It’s all about flawless skin, toned bodies, smooth and soft hair, and beautiful faces. Models in print and on screen prove that point. Society also likes to pretend it can make a good matchmaker. The beautiful must be with the equally beautiful and those who are not should know their place and be for each other.
I used to see it that way too.
I used to believe that matches should be fair. If you were physicay attractive, you should be with someone who equalled that characteristic.
But you shouldn’t be in it for the looks. You should be in it for the personality. No. You should be in a relationship for love.
I don’t make bad choices just because the person who calls me his girlfriend loves me. I am loved and I love back. Is that a bad choice? I have become more responsible. I have become less of an insufferable depressed hopeless case as I was before because of him. I see the world in a happier way. I still have my hopes, dreams, and ambitions in tact and if he really loves me he would support me for it. So far he loves me for who I am and I have high hopes he’ll support all my aspirations as well if he can already love me for being me. And I’m being told I made a bad choice just because of his physical appearance. I found someone who showed me love and how the world is actually a good place and I made a bad choice?
It is true what they say, when you’re in love the physical characteristics don’t matter. Beauty fades and crumbles. I want something real in life. I really don’t think I made a bad choice here, did I?

Happy One Month to us! :)